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For organised excursions in Trentino, you have the Cavallino Bianco

We offer a program of organised excursions in Trentino every week.
Because Trentino is a stunning place, but exploring it with a guide is even better! Some events are on all year, while others change according to the season. Fabrizio, Cavallino Bianco’s guide, will accompany you as he is a nature hiking guide and certified Nordic walking instructor.

The option of taking part in organised walks is a fun way to share your interests with others and make new friends, not to mention a chance to become one with nature and enjoy a more environmentally friendly way of life, which reduces stress and improves physical and mental wellbeing.

Well begun is...
We run our Awakening class with Elisabetta every morning from 7.30 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. so that you can start your day amongst nature and with a feeling of wellbeing. A 50-minute walk surrounded by nature will provide your muscles with a gentle awakening. We start out on foot from the hotel. Booking is required the evening before.

Breath the Dolomites
It's called breathwalking, which involves combining breathing techniques with the rhythm of your stride. In the crisp morning, just after the sun is up, we set off together from the hotel along our pre-selected route and start our practise, taking note of every muscle and sound and the rejuvenating environment that surrounds us. You will become aware of a new kind of energy. This discipline is an elixir for rediscovering your lost strength, relaxing your mind and honing your intellectual faculties. It has ancient origins in yoga and combines life's two most natural activities: the pleasure of walking and breathing. Come and give it a go!

Weekly excursions
Each week we offer a Nordic walking excursion course with Fabrizio and two morning walks, at 9.30 a.m: one at the Ziro del Lez trail and the other at the Percorso delle Fiabe trail. During winter our organised Trentino outings become snowshoeing excursions: we guarantee two/three outings a week when there is snow.

Daily program
of organised excursions We offer a full program of organised excursions in Trentino every day. The destinations change from week to week, therefore we recommend checking with reception for the details.

And for those of you who prefer solitary walks...
For our guests that prefer to walk alone, the hotel is happy to offer you personalised advice, maps and nature guides, which are part of our special collection that makes up our "Mountain Library".

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