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Snowshoeing in Trentino

Snowshoeing in Trentino: walk slowly through the snow with snowshoes firmly on your feet, pass through the silence of the woods and savour the winter repose.

If you didn't know what "snowshoeing" meant before, now you do. Get ready to rediscover the pleasure of the mountain in winter, during your winter excursions in Trentino. No crowds, no chaos, just the animal tracks over the snow.

Guided snowshoeing excursions
The Maddalene Mountains and the Brenta Dolomites offer fantastic trails for snowshoeing in Trentino. What's more, we'd be happy to come with you if you like. During the winter we organise 2 or 3 weekly snowshoeing excursions. Fabrizio, the hotel owner and nature guide, will lead you to discover the mountain way of life during the winter. We'll provide you with the equipment at the hotel and we'll even send you the photos via email from the end of the excursion. That way you can share them with your friends!

Ciaspolada snowshoeing event in the Non Valley - snowshoes are our tradition

If you're on holiday at Hotel Cavallino Bianco in the Non Valley, remember that you're in the birthplace of snowshoes! In January of every year the famous Ciaspolada is held in this valley, the sporting event dedicated to the most famous snow rackets in Italy. Open to both amateur walkers and professionals, it is a pleasure even just to watch!

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