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Nestled in the Non Valley: hotel, experiences, thrills

Welcome to the Non Valley and our Trentino hotel. Quite simply, welcome home.

Waking up in the morning and being met by the mountains, a smile to go with your breakfast and a day full of thrills: welcome to your holiday in our hotel in Rumo, nestled in the Upper Non Valley.

A warm welcome

Do you know what a warm welcome feels like? Our family would be happy to have you here with us and show you what a warm welcome is all about. Hospitality is our family tradition, one that began more than 100 years ago. Now as then, we're overjoyed to have you with us in our Non Valley hotel, where we endeavour to make you feel at home.

A passion for the details

The beauty of the environment in which we have been blessed to find ourselves has given us our passion for the little things. Thanks to our meticulous attention to detail, we can offer you a stay where nothing has been left to chance. From the furnishings in our rooms, to the love with which we choose the most natural ingredients for the dishes we make for you in our Trentino cousine, we think of each guest as part of the family.

Every day is a holiday

Here at our hotel in the Non Valley, every day is a holiday, because it has all the right ingredients that make for a perfect holiday. Come summer or winter, from morning to night, we're happy to help you plan your stay. You don't have to do anything, just enjoy it.

Whether you choose to be pampered in our Trentino wellness centre by the expert hands of Alice and Desirè or to be accompanied by Fabrizio on organised trips exploring the forests of the valley, relaxation and nature are right at your fingertips here at the Cavallino Bianco.

We haven't forgotten about the people who have to work!

The Cavallino Bianco hotel is also happy to welcome guests on business, providing you with all the facilities you could need: free Wi-Fi access throughout the whole hotel and a conference/meeting room with a Dolby Digital Home Theatre system, where you'll find the comfort and privacy required for meetings and corporate gatherings.

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