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Your beauty spa in Trentino

A Trentino beauty spa is much more than just a simple beauty spa. That is because Trentino surrounds you and bestows you with the vigour and wellbeing of its air, colours and mountains. That's why being on holiday in Trentino is both good for body and spirit. In keeping with our “all-natural” theme, we offer treatments with organic Vitalis products.

The Cavallino Bianco's Beauty Spa is located on the fourth floor of the hotel: an entire floor dedicated to treatments and the well-being of our guests and external customers. It is open daily from 2.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. and from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. in the morning upon request. Reception must be notified of any appointment cancellations the day before, otherwise you'll be charged for the full cost of the treatment.

Beauty spa in Trentino: treatments and offers
Our beauty spa features four new rooms, each one dedicated to one of the four elements: earth, water, wind and fire. Each one has its own style and its own feel and is dedicated to a specific type of treatment.

Our Air room is dedicated to face, hand and feet treatments. Our Water room is dedicated to body treatments and is equipped with a relaxing hydrotherapy massage table. Our Fire room is entirely dedicated to couple's treatments, such as a hot tub for two and a multi-sensory hydrotherapy massage table. The Earth room is dedicated to relaxation treatments for the body. This is where various kinds of massages are offered, alongside a breath taking view of the mountains. What's more, it is connected to the Fire room for our deluxe couple's treatments.

The Beauty farm is open every day from 14 to 20, in the morning from 10 to 12 by appointment.


The treatments must be booked at least 24 hours in advance, but we recommend that you book them before your arrival by phone at +39 0463531040 or by email at

You can indulge in the following treatments:

  • Facial cleansing that cleanses and deep cleanses the face
    50 MINUTI | € 60
  • Specific personalized facial treatment for various imperfections of the face
    50 MINUTI | € 75
  • Facial cleansing + eye contour treatment Deep facial cleansing with extra care for the eye area
    50 MINUTI | € 75
  • Specific facial treatment and eye contour treatment Personalized treatment combined with a specific eye contour treatment
    50 MINUTI | € 85
  • Relax facial massage
    80 MINUTI | € 120
  • 20 MINUTI | € 45
  • Revitalizing and toning abdomen massage Vitalis: firming and decongestant treatment of the abdominal area
    50 MINUTI | 70 €
  • Revitalizing foot and leg massage: stimulates microcirculation and relaxes muscles
    50 MINUTI | 80 €
  • Lymph stimulating massage: improves lymphatic flow with a decongestant effect
    20 MINUTI | 40 €
  • Vitalis Back Resonance Massage: exclusive back program, relieves muscle tension and improves spinal dynamics
    50 MINUTI | 75 €
  • Relaxation Massage Vitalis: the massage techniques of medium or strong pressure, combined with pure oleolites and synergies of essential oils, give a special and personalized experience for each guest
    50 MINUTI | 75 €
  • Hot Stone Relaxation Massage
    50 MINUTI | 75 €
  • Hot Stone back relaxing massage
    50 MINUTI | 75 €
  • Shiro Abhyanga Massage: head, face and shoulder massage for a gentle muscle relaxation
    40 MINUTI | 55 €
  • Ayurvedic abhyanga massage stimulates and balances the energies of the chakras with enveloping and fast movements
    50 MINUTI | 75 € OPPURE 70 MINUTI | 95 €
  • SYMPHONY OF THE CAVALLINO BIANCO let yourself be pampered by our harmonious Indian massage
    20 MINUTI | 40 €
  • Vitalis Anti-Cellulite Detox Treatment: personalized and localized treatment against cellulite, improves the body figure to obtain the desired silhouette
    50 MINUTI | 75 €
  • Relaxing Massage with Basalt Wands: anti-stress treatment localized to head, neck, face and shoulders with massage and acupressure with basalt sticks, for a deeply relaxing effect on muscles
    50 MINUTI | 75 €
  • 50 MINUTI | 80 € OPPURE 70 MINUTI | 95 €
  • 50 MINUTI | 80 € OPPURE 70 MINUTI | 100 €
  • 50 MINUTI | 75 €
  • Organic THYME & SWISS PINE wellness body wrap Great for the respiratory tract and the wellbeing of the whole body
    20 MINUTI | € 45
  • Organic ARNICA & ST. JOHN'S WART invigorating body wrap Ideal for releasing tension and muscle stress
    20 MINUTI | € 45
  • Organic MOUNTAIN PINE & SCOTS PINE detoxifying body wrap Helps to detoxify the body, improves circulation and tones body tissues
    20 MINUTI | € 45
  • Organic JUNIPER & HAY FLOWER deeply relaxing body wrap Ideal after sports to relax body and mind
    20 MINUTI | € 45
  • Organic APPLE & ROSEHIP hydrating body wrap A real beautifying wrap, it works to rejuvenate dry or mature skin
    20 MINUTI | € 45
  • Organic CALENDULA & CAMOMILE soothing body wrap Works to relax and balance the skin
    20 MINUTI | € 45
  • Organic GRAPE SEED & SEA BUCKTHORN anti-ageing body wrap Effective against free radicals that are the main cause of skin ageing
    20 MINUTI | € 35
  • Organic HAY exfoliating treatment that stimulates micro-circulation and provides a revitalising and toning effect
    40 MINUTI | € 55
  • Organic CHOCOLATE nourishing body wrap: pure indulgence for big and small
    40 MINUTI | € 50
  • Organic ALOE VERA anti-ageing exfoliating treatment
    40 MINUTI | € 55
  • Detox: Detoxifying path to regenerate the tissues of the whole body. It starts with an exfoliation with hay and apricot extracts, followed by alpine herb mud and finally a partial massage with Body Firming algae toning cream
    115 MINUTI | 165 €
  • Muscle Recovery: path of muscle relaxation. We propose the sport body wrap with Sport & Vitality cream and the back treatment
    80 MINUTI | 115 €
  • Cellular Awakening: a path suitable for those who want new light and energy for the skin. It includes the initial exfoliation with hay and apricot extracts and the total moisturizing massage with Hyaluronic moisturizing cream with apple and rose hip
    100 MINUTI | 115 €
  • Silhouette: anti-cellulite path to reduce fluid retention. Includes exfoliation with dead sea salt, anti-cellulite pack and localized leg massage with Body Shape anti-cellulite cream with Asian centella
    100 MINUTI | 140 €
  • Manicure
    30 MINUTI | € 25
  • Manicure with polish
    40 MINUTI | € 30
  • Manicure with semi-permanent polish
    70 MINUTI | € 45
  • Pedicure
    50 MINUTI | € 45
  • Pedicure with polish
    80 MINUTI | € 50
  • Polish
    60 MINUTI | 55 €
  • Bikini line underarm or arm wax
    il costo varia in base alle zone trattate

Are you looking for a Trentino holiday in a hotel with a beauty spa? Then the Cavallino Bianco hotel is perfect for you! We offer a wide range of holiday packages dedicated to wellness and beauty. Find out about them here:

    1 Treatment of your choice from our Multi Beauty System
    1 Facial
    1 Relaxing Full Body Massage
    € 165
  • PURE RELAX (3 days)
    1 Relaxing full body massage
    1 Balancing Massage
    1 Facial
    1 Treatment of your choice from our Multy Beauty System
    € 170
  • 1 detoxifying alpine mud pack
    1 Total lymph stimulating massage
    1 facial cleaning
    1 Salt grotto session
    € 170
    1 Body exfoliation treatment of your choice
    1 Special revitalising facial
    1 Vitalis Empower Yourself organic aromatherapy massage
    € 195
  • € 340
  • Sweet Emotions for Couples: Relaxing pampering that helps to rediscover understanding, thanks to a hot whirlpool for couples followed by two total massages at the same time in the same cabin. in Romantic Spa Suite approx. 100 minutes
  • His & Hers Couples Treatment: For the couple who wish to be enveloped in a wonderful atmosphere of well-being. In a couple's cabin, includes a pack of your choice and a gentle massage per person . approx. 70 minutes
    100 MINUTI | € 240 A COPPIA
  • € 60
  • € 120

If you're looking to improve the health of you and your children's respiratory tract and skin, try our salt cave! You can try this special treatment, which is provided by Oasi Wellness Technology, in the beauty spa at the Cavallino Bianco Hotel. The salt cave consists of a room whose floor has been covered in salt. It is kept at a constant temperature between 18 and 24 degrees and between 45% and 55% humidity. A special microniser nebulises extremely pure sodium chloride, allowing it to be inhaled and providing great health benefits. Sodium chloride has a strong bactericidal effect on the respiratory track and skin and is also extremely beneficial for children suffering from allergies.

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