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A holiday dedicated to sustainable tourism in Trentino

Sustainable tourism in Trentino is possible when you stay at the Cavallino Bianco!

Coming on a nature holiday in Trentino does not just mean enjoying the unspoiled landscapes of our mountains and lakes, but also means protecting them! By choosing the Cavallino Bianco, you're choosing a holiday where nature is the star: an eco-friendly hotel with tonnes of nature activities!

An Eco-friendly Hotel in Trentino
The environment that surrounds us is dear to our hearts, because we're aware of the abundance present in this place that we call home and we want to protect it. We the managers at the Hotel Cavallino Bianco make decisions every day that respect the environment:

  • We choose products that are as environmentally friendly as possible, to limit water, air and soil pollution
  • We recycle our waste properly
  • We reduce our energy wastage
  • We offer healthy meal options, mainly sourced from local food production and Fabrizio’s vegetable garden
  • We protect the natural environment that surrounds our hotel

Holidays at the Cavallino Bianco: nature holidays in Trentino
We work to protect it, you help us to do so, and Mother Nature will not disappoint. It's the natural environment of Trentino that displays itself in all its splendour so you can enjoy a holiday dedicated to relaxation or sports. Whether you choose to be lulled to sleep by the scenic views of the Trentino mountains or to tackle their peaks, come summer or winter, the environment all around us is sure to take centre stage during your holiday.

Eco-friendly? That too!
If you choose to take a guided tour with Fabrizio, during your stay at the Cavallino Bianco, you'll discover another reason why ours is a truly eco-friendly hotel in Trentino: Fabrizio is our nature hiking guide. An outing with him will allow you to experience the richness of our region first hand and, more importantly, how to respect it.

We encourage the use of public transport by offering free pick up from Mostizzolo station (with a minimum 3 night stay).
We cut down the production of plastic waste by using reusable water bottles.

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