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A craving for Trentino cuisine? We've got it at the Cavallino Bianco in Rumo!

Natural even at mealtimes

Trentino cuisine is an integral part of what we consider to be a holiday. Because Trentino is not merely the place where you're spending your holiday, it is actually right there with you at the dinner table. Our chef Daniel is fully committed to our philosophy, which is why he uses traditional products from Trentino and the Non Valley in his dishes whenever he can, selecting produce that is fresh and follows the seasons.

Genuinely food mile free, just traditional products from the Non Valley

Daniel uses genuine traditional products from the Non Valley in his cooking: vegetables grown in Fabrizio's garden, Trentino cheeses from the Consorzio Produttori Agricoli di Rumo (Rumo Agricultural Producers Consortium) and the Cercen Dairy Cooperative in Terzolas, beef that is certified by the Anselmi butchers in Samoclevo, organic flour from the Pezzini mill in Sarnonico, craft beers from the Clesium brewery in Cles and Groppello wine from the El Zeremia winery in Revò. This is why we're able to truthfully say that our produce has no food miles. It's our idea of Trentino cuisine.

Special evenings for special guests

Every week we offer candlelit dinners, themed evenings and – of course – barbecues by the pool in summer are a must!

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