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Cavallino Bianco in Rumo: a story made up of people

When you arrive at the Cavallino Bianco in Rumo you'll immediately be surrounded by the story that inhabits this place. A story made up of emigration, marriages and children, yet also of hardships and rebirth, which began all the way back in the early 1900s.


It's Elisabetta and Fabrizio who are here to offer you a warm welcome. However, the story begins with Elisabetta's great-grandparents, Antonio and Maria, who first tried their luck in America. After the death of his first wife, Antonio went on to emigrate to Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The money he earned was sent to the most important man in Rumo, the mayor, so that he could acquire land on their behalf.

Yet here is where the deceit comes in: rather than buy the land for them, the mayor put it under his own name. Faced with the wrongdoing he had suffered, Antonio Fedrigoni didn't give up. Instead, they bought an inn so as to compete with the mayor. Passed down from father to son, the inn gradually became a real hotel, which his nephew Enrico and his wife Marta turned into the Hotel Cavallino Bianco that you know today.

Now Enrico and Marta have decided to continue their story by handing it over to the future and into the competent hands of Elisabetta and her husband Fabrizio.

The Cavallino Bianco staff waiting to welcome you include:
Cavallino staff
  ELISABETTA AND LOREDANA They are waiting to introduce you to the family atmosphere of the Cavallino Bianco, to recommend the many activities that are available at a walking distance from the hotel and throughout the Non Valley, or even just for a chat!   ROBERTO Our head waiter and a great wine expert. Together with his colleagues he will know just how to accommodate you and which delicious gastronomic delights and fine wines to recommend!   FEDERICA AND ALICE They are waiting for you at our beauty spa where their hands will rejuvenate and pamper you with treatments that are always sure to meet your expectations!   BRY AND CRY The two Cavallino faeries take care of each and every room, every little corner and every space to ensure spotless cleaning!   DANIEL AND MARIO Our merry kitchen brigade: a young and motivated team that offers you the chance to savour traditional local dishes made from a selection of extremely fresh ingredients and delicious products with zero food miles, bought every day.   FABRIZIO AND BLECK These two inseparable guides will take you on hikes, walks, bike rides and snowshoeing, as well as on cultural outings to discover Trentino.   CLAUDIO AND MACCHIA They can entice even the laziest people on exciting excursions thanks to their experience and bonhomie!
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