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Explore the canyons in the Non Valley

The canyons in the Non Valley are magical places, proof of the way that nature has worked for thousands of years and how weather phenomena have change our environment.

The canyons in Rio Sass (Fondo) and Rio Novella (Romallo) were only discovered and promoted in recent years and represent a new way of getting to know the Trentino province. Travelling through them - through the deepest centre of the earth - is sure to be an incredible experience, offering one-of-a-kind and fascinating walks while suspended on the ancient shapes carved into the rock face by streams. It is here that you can truly feel the intensity of this wild environment.

You enter the Rio Sass canyon from the centre of Fondo. A guide will meet you in the town’s square and lead you on a discovery of the canyon through adventurous walks on long, overhanging walkways and flights of steps. The Rio Novella canyon is 3.5km long and spreads over the towns of Cloz, Romallo and Dambel. It has been fitted out with walkways for pleasant strolls. The routes within the canyon offer various levels of difficulty and are open to anyone as long as they are wearing suitable clothing. You will of course be accompanied by a guide to guarantee everyone’s safety.

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