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Jacopo d’Anaunia Path

170km, 7 stages: that is what makes up the Jacopo d’Anaunia Path, which passes through some of the most sacred places in the Non Valley (whose ancient name was in fact Anaunia). Travelling along the path can be a way of getting to know the beauty the valley has to offer at a slow pace: art, history, faith and culture are set amongst stunning panoramas.

The Jacopo d’Anaunia Path still retraces some of the stages made by ancient pilgrims on their way to Rome or Santiago. Today as then, you'll find the ancient places that provided the pilgrims with shelter, as well as places of hermitage and holy sites, a pilgrimage destination to ask for rain during times of drought. The entire route is on country roads, immersed in forests and apple orchards, yet also on roads that enter into little rural towns in the area, bring you in direct contact with the inhabitants of the valley and their traditions.

This is a journey through time and history that takes 8 days but afterwards your life will never be the same. The path begins and ends in Sanzeno, the religious “capital” of the Non Valley.

The two routes
You can undertake the path on two different routes, one that is shorter and one that is longer to complete all 7 stages. The shorter version is made up of three stages, amounting to a total of 64km that circles around the town of Sanzeno, the centre and focal point of Anaunia religious life (in fact it was here that Sisinio, Martirio and Alessandro were martyred in 397 A.D., the founding missionaries of Christianity in the valleys of the River Noce).

The complete version, on the other hand, includes 7 full stages, amounting to an entire week of walking, in which you'll travel through the entire Non Valley, until you reach the Sole Valley, then returning to the beautiful Sanctuary of San Romedio, which stands near to the starting point of the entire route.

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The 7 stages of the Jacopo d’Anaunia Path
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