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Lake Tovel

A little gem nestled in the Brenta Dolomites, Lake Tovel is only 20 minutes from our hotel. It became famous for its distinctive red colour, which it featured until the 1960s, caused by the presence of algae that changed its colour. Today Lake Tovel is a typical alpine lake and is found with the Adamello Brenta National Park. It is also known as Bear Lake due to the presence of these stunning mammals in the surrounding mountains.
The area around the lake is perfect for pleasant strolls, as well as more challenging hikes, as it is an untouched area that is still protected.

How to get to the Lake and the park house
You can reach Lake Tovel from the town of Tuenno by taking Tovel Valley provincial road number 14 that runs along the Tresenga River. To get better acquainted with the lake we recommend visiting the park house (open from May to October). Found right on the banks of the lake, it features an exhibition area and a few spaces for educational activities and scientific research.

Entrance is free but you must book in advance by calling +39 0463 451033.

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