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Sanctuary of San Romedio

The Sanctuary of San Romedio is one of the Non Valley’s little gems, as well as one of Europe’s most characteristic places of pilgrimage. For this reason alone it is worth a visit. Perched on a rock 70 metres up, it is found close to the town of Sanzeno and is made up of five interconnected churches, which were built between 1000 and 1900. It represents historic evidence of the roots of Christianity in the Non Valley, with Sanzeno being the spiritual “capital” of the area.

San Romedio, amongst history and legend
Heir to a wealthy Bavarian family, Romedio lived between the 4th and 5th centuries. After a pilgrimage to Rome, he donated all his worldly goods to the church and became a hermit in the Non Valley, living in a few caves close to where the sanctuary stands today. Legend has it that he was able to tame the bear that mauled his horse and afterwards rode on it to Trento. The episode is commemorated by the wooden statue found next to the sanctuary’s entrance.

The path towards the Sanctuary of San Romedio
To get to San Romedio you need to embark on a “pilgrimage”: from the town of Sanzeno you'll cross through apple orchards, then delve into a deep gorge that is more than 100 metres deep and 2km long. The ancient sanctuary is found at the end of this gorge, set on a rock.With a thousand years of history at its back, the Sanctuary of San Romedio is a must-see attraction for your Non Valley holiday. Open all year, the saint’s feast day is celebrated on the 15th January with mass and the traditional, tripe-based pilgrim dish.

Rhaetian Museum in Sanzeno
If you come to the area to visit the Sanctuary of San Romedio then the Rhaetian Museum in Sanzeno is well worth a visit. It covers the history of the Non Valley all the way from the Ice Age to Late Antiquity and is home to some of the most important archaeological finds from the area.

A spiritual journey
Our hotel is the perfect starting point for visiting the ancient sanctuary, so much so that we're listed on the portal for religious tourism.

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